During the Covid-19 crisis we stand in solidarity with essential workers.

To minimize unnecessary exposure, we have decided to limit all shipment of orders and only ship a few times a month with USPS until the quarantine is lifted in the US. For the duration of the quarantine—we offer all mailing list subscribers a 25% discount on anything in the webshop as appreciation for your patience and willingness to receive your order at a later date. We will continue to work from home and encourage our customers to place orders, we're grateful for your support.

To get the discount code, sign up for our mailing list here or via the pop-up on our home page, you will receive the 25% off code automatically via email, then it can be applied at checkout. If you're an existing mailing list subscriber, look out for our email with the code.

During this time we will not be offering any customer repairs, our care policy is effectively suspended for the duration of the quarantine.

Our return policy is affected as well, because we're limiting shipment but allowing orders to be placed, our return policy will begin from the date of receipt of shipment rather than the date of order being placed.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about placing orders or discounts.