Crystal Drop Necklace - Violet + Charcoal


Editions AW12


Description:  A very special and limited edition series of quartz crystals grown directly into and through Arielle de Pinto jewelry.  Using a controlled environment, crystal artist and designer, Lars Paschke, transforms Arielle's jewelry into truly one of a kind creations.  Each piece conforms to style dimensions with a prominent "mother" crystal, but may vary from image here, as the growth process is organic.   

Crystals are genuine quartz, growth process accelerated via laboratory environment.  Chain in galvinized, ionized stainless steel. Available with a 25" or 30" neckline.

There is a very limited quantity of crystals available. No custom or re-orders at this time. 

Size: 30" | 25"

Available in: colours: citron | violet | acid blue | ice

chain: silver ash steel | charcoal steel

SRP: $738 - 788 usd

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