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Care Instructions

We want you to love your jewelry. Each piece is made by hand, carefully tagged, checked and finished, and packaged with card of provenance. Each piece is also unique. While conforming to style dimensions, every piece varies subtly, a natural result of the hand crochet and patina applications. While much of the Arielle de Pinto work is transformative in nature, moving and adjusting the body of its wearer—as is natural with woven items, jewelry is also meant to endure and last.

Post-Sales Care:

Post-sales care is complimentary for two years from date of issue and covers natural defects only. For damaged items, atelier assessment and servicing is also provided. Our jewelry is special. Care must be taken to avoid unnecessary damage from wear and tear and breakage from mishandling is not considered a fault.  In all cases customer is responsible for shipping both ways.

For care inquiries, please contact

Include in email:

. photograph of the piece
. date and place of purchase
. copy of card of provenance showing the edition no. and date.
. brief description of issue

Our studio will review email information and follow-up with assessment and instructions. Should a repair be initiated, we reserve right to repair or replace at its discretion. We give assessment of costs and method of repair only once we receive the piece in question.

Note: While pleased to offer servicing, shipping costs are not included. To facilitate international shipping, we can recommend carriers and also provide documentation for customs clearance.


For all collections, we use the finest materials available including Italian 925 sterling silver, 18 kt gold vermeil, palladium, stainless steel and bronze as well as a variety of semi-precious stones. All materials meet international standards for both ethical production and composition.

My jewelry is unraveling. What should I do?

Due to the nature of crocheted chain, shifts and subtle changes may occur. You may see loops or strands develop; this is an expected element of woven items, and does not indicate unraveling. A piece is only unraveling if it shrinks as a strand is pulled. If this is occurring, please refer to Post-Sales Care.

Do you recommend a jeweler in my area?

Unfortunately we do not have a network of outside jewelers. Our studio performs all repairs to maintain the integrity and authenticity of your Arielle de Pinto piece.

I lost a single earring, can you replace it?

In most cases we can custom make you a single earring to match the one you lost. Email us with a photo of the remaining earring and we will get in touch with a solution.

Can my necklace/bracelet/ring be resized?

While each piece is unique, they are made to confirm to certain design dimensions. At this time we do not alter finished pieces.

How should I care for my jewelry?

Be gentle with it! Avoid wearing your jewelry while you bathe. Lotions, oils, and perfumes may affect the surface. You can clean it with most detergents or ultrasonic cleaners and a soft toothbrush. Most jewelers have steam cleaners that can help remove build-up from inside the tiny links of the pieces, but that can affect the gold plating or hand-applied oxidization techniques. We do not recommend silver cleaners, as they can degrade the integrity of the metal.


Limited edition chemically grown crystal series

The crystal series are delicate and require the special care instructions:

  • Do not submerge in any liquid, including water.
  • Be aware of perfumes, hair products, soaps, these can prematurely wear down your crystal.
  • Small crystals can form around the mother crystal during the growth process. As enchanting as they are, these miniature crystals are more fragile and can sometimes break off. Be ensured the main crystal will remain intact.

AW13 Czech Crystal Tracks

Like any piece with set stones, the AW13 pieces require extra-delicate treatment. Crystals may fall off if knocked too hard, be careful when wearing and storing your jewelry.

Czech crystal tracks will move along with the natural stretching of the chain, loose ends may occur. This process is normal due to the integrated hand crocheted techniques, and is part of the design.  

If you still have questions, please contact
All Care Policies are subject to change